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Flags For The Flagless

TPOA Members Charles Foley and Brad Clark founded “Flags for the Flagless” after repeatedly seeing un-used flag poles throughout Tucson, AZ. Charley Foley comes from a line of veterans and Bradley Clark is a 20 year combat Army veteran. Both are mindfully respectful of all that our country stands for and what the American Flag represents. They both hope to foster a sense of patriotism and pride in the community with the “Flags for the Flagless” project.

“FFF” seeks out businesses, organizations, homes and schools to provide American Flags for classrooms and un-used flag poles. They also take on an educational role, providing historical facts, images and American Flag protocol information to the public. “Flags for the Flagless” plans to reach out to as many schools as possible, on both a local and national level, to ensure that American Flags will fly in their classrooms. And they will continue to hang American Flags on flag poles throughout Tucson, Arizona and the USA.

Visit their website at for more information and to help fund their mission.

Vince Valenzuela Wins US Police and Fire Championship Races

The Tucson Police Officer's Association would like to congratulate Vince Valenzuela for his wins in the 1500m and 5000m races at the U.S. Police and Fire Championships.   Vince had the fastest time of every competitor for these events across all age categories. His time for the 1500 meters on Friday was 4:29.  On Saturday, when he completed the 5000 meters in 16:40.


The U.S. Police and Fire Championships were held in San Diego.  But this isn't Vince's first race.  He's been competitively running for about 15 years now.  In August 2011, TPOA helped sponsor him for the World Police and Fire Games in New York.  There, Vince finished 3rd in his age group in the 5000 meter race.

Vince has been with the Tucson Police Department for five years, and has been a member of the TPOA that whole time.  He is also a member of the TPD Running Club.  He will be part of that team's effort in the upcoming Tucson Marathon relay.