Thin Blue Line

The shooting of Sgt. Robert Carpenter this morning serves as a stark reminder for each and every one of us who dawn the uniform and badge and swear to protect and serve. The "Thin Blue Line" has always served as a representation of exactly what we are and the purpose we serve. We are the thin blue line that runs between the forces of evil and the people we protect. We are proud to be members of that line and proud to stand strong together. Today we band together tighter than yesterday and send all our prayers and love to Sgt. Carpenter and his family. We will strive forward and find the evil in our community. We will bring that evil to justice. We ask the public, if you have ANY information, please call 911. For our brothers and sisters in blue, we pray for your safety and remind you to watch out for each other just as was done this morning. All reports from the field say that our officers acted swiftly, professionally and most importantly, bravely. Thank you all for all you do.