TPD Dispatchers/PSO’s and ALL civilian staff

While they are not members of our association, we need to remember that they are a valuable part of our team and our mission. During the incident with Ivan last week Marcos Lares was the voice on the other end of the radio. All too often we forget that there really is another person over there and not a computer or a robot who has no heart or feelings. Marcos is hurting like the rest of us and wrote a poem/letter to Ivan that I am sharing with all of you, with his permission of course.

Dearest Ivan,

Ever since that awful night, I’ve been crying all alone
Not because I’m sad per se, but because of what I’ve known
You did your job easily, never needing to be persuaded
But my job, regardless of what is said, has made me kinda jaded

There’s been so much support for you, your bros and your daddy
They didn’t talk really all that much, about that awful, mean baddy
I was angry, I was sad when they said you were gone
But no matter our differences, we all at work were ONE

Your aunts on the radio helped me get some help to you
Your daddy couldn’t/wouldn’t wait, he did what he could do
To get you to the hospital to fix and make you feel better
Your Commo aunts did it right, they followed every letter

I took a break, just for a sec’, to get some quick relief
My boss told me the news, my heart was filled with grief
I chose not to cry, be strong for him and him
The truth was there, it was so hard, so very, very grim.

Since then, I have seen people love you ever so much
Though an animal only, so many hearts you’ve managed to touch
You saved the lives of several officers who watched you do your job
You treated all of them fairly, never being a nasty snob

I heard you let go of him and went to try to be alone
Your daddy knew something was wrong, his worry would be grown
He saw the blood, he heard you whimper, “Ivan has been hit”
All I could think about is voice control, on the radio I’d still sit

Despite where you had gone, your uncs and aunts still had to work
Checking where each of them was, I didn’t care about the JERK
That is my job, you may not have known, I knew where you were
All the time, every sec’, your safety I always would prefer

The last part of this letter, I want you to know that your dad
Expressed his feelings for you when he saw just what he had
To do on the radio, his voice made us hurt that awful second
When the inflection explained that His help he had beckoned

Love, your dispatcher, Marcos